Cat Wheel 101: All You Need to Know Before Buying



What are the key features to consider when choosing a cat wheel?
When selecting a cat exercise wheel, it's crucial to ensure that it meets your cat's size and activity level requirements. Our cat wheel is designed to meet every shape, age, and size of cat. Although the cat wheel can be a bit big for kittens, they will grow into it no problem.

Is investing in a cat wheel a good idea?
A cat wheel can be a valuable investment for cats that exhibit moderate to high energy levels, especially those that tend to sprint around the house. Cats that respond well to training and are motivated by treats or other incentives generally adapt well to using an exercise wheel. Our cat wheel is designed with wood so it will last practically forever indoors, and for years if kept outside and out of rain. 

What is the recommended size for a cat exercise wheel?
To ensure your cat has ample space to move freely, choose a cat exercise wheel with an internal diameter of at least 30 inches. This size allows your cat to stretch fully and run comfortably without feeling cramped. We found that 39 inches was the purrfect internal diameter so we built ours that way, considering that most cat owners out there preferred a larger one than one that could possibly be too small for their cat.

Why do cat wheels typically have a high price tag?
Cat wheels are often costly due to the complex logistics involved in their production and distribution. They are typically manufactured in China, and the process of reaching international markets includes several costly steps such as import duties and the expenses related to shipping large, bulky items. Alternatively, The Cat Dash is one of the only USA based cat wheel manufacturer where we import the wood and carve it ourselves to ensure pristine quality for our furry friends. This way of doing things allows us to market our wheel a bit under most cat wheel companies, since we are able to do the woodworking ourselves and thoroughly Q/A it before shipping it out!  

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