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4.9/5.0 out of 793 reviews

Cameron C.

The Cat Dash is a wonderful, well thought out, good quality cat wheel.

It is the first time that I have experienced putting together something that has all of the pieces, even a few extras, the holes match, things fit and wow, it works. When the cats are on it the wheel runs smoothly, quietly, safely, what more can I say. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you very much!!!

Molly H.

Pazzo loves it

My cat Pazzo loves to play and he definitely loves to play on the wheel. it could be nap like the image, or zoomies - no in between - he loves this thing

John S.

Makes me crack up every time they run on it on their own

This cat wheel is a game-changer for our indoor cats. It provides them with a way to burn off excess energy and stay in shape. It was easy to assemble, and the quiet operation means it doesn't disturb us or the cats when they're using it. A worthwhile purchase!

Love it

Finally, a cat wheel that lives up to its promises! The Cat Dash is not only well-made and durable but also remarkably quiet. My cats can't get enough of it, and neither can I. Thank you for such a fantastic addition to our home!

Mary U.

2 are cats loving it

My 2 cats took to it immediately!

Deb R.

We just got it put together

he haven’t used yet but we love it thank you it very big he’s a big boy I’m sure he’s going to be happy when he starts using it


Addicted cat


Every morning my princess goes to her area and runs for a few minutes. Then a few at lunch time, then a few at night lol

Stephanie D.

pretty sweet

I gotta say i am surprised how much my cat loves this thng lol


Kudos to the creators of The Cat Dash! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's also incredibly functional. My cat loves using it, and I love watching her. Thank you for making such a high-quality product!


The Cat Dash has been a huge hit in our household!

The Cat Dash

I can't say enough good things about The Cat Dash! I talked to Alyssa for a week and she fixed all my problems I had with shipping

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Easy Setup

Our cat wheels are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a hassle-free setup. With clear, step-by-step instructions and all necessary tools included, you'll have your feline friend exercising in no time. No special skills required – just straightforward, user-friendly design for a quick and easy start.

Setup Video
cat in front of her best cat wheel

Perfect for Indoor Cats

Give your indoor cat the exercise they crave. Buy cat wheel for a stimulating way to keep your cat active, even in limited spaces. It’s the ideal solution for ensuring your pet stays fit and entertained indoors. Shop our cat exercise wheel for sale today!

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cat wheel dimensions

Superior Inner Diameter for All Cats

Our cat wheel boasts a superior inner diameter, designed to accommodate cats of all sizes. Whether you have a small kitten or a large breed, our cat exercise wheel ensures a comfortable and safe running experience. The ample inner diameter allows for natural running posture, minimizing the risk of injury and promoting effective exercise for every feline friend. Choose our cat wheel for a versatile, all-inclusive solution that meets the exercise needs of all cats.

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cat scratching on cat wheel

Easy Maintenance for Busy Pet Owners

Designed with convenience in mind, our cat exercise wheel requires minimal maintenance. Its durable, easy-to-clean surface means you can spend more time playing with your cat and less time worrying about upkeep.

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